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If autosave is turned off, be sure to save after the bounty is accepted. There are an additional 5 bounties which can only be captured through the course of sure missions, and bounties posted in Blackwater and Tumbleweed can only be accomplished as John Marston. Pick up the bounty at Blackwater or Manzanita Post, and deliver them to the Blackwater Jail. Pick up the bounty at El Presidio, Escalera, or Chuparosa, and ship them to Chuparosa. Pick up the bounty at Armadillo, Rathskeller Fork, or MacFarlane’s Ranch, and ship them at the Armadillo Jail or MacFarlane’s Ranch Foreman’s Office. Below is a list of all Bounty Targets and Wanted Posterlocations within the game. Wanted Posters with a query mark are of targets already completed.

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When placing a bounty target on a horse, it might generally kill the horse and cause you to lose a great amount of honor. Most bounty targets can be seen protecting cities in Undead Nightmare. The bounty proof for killing bounty targets appears to be a severed hand.

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23 Chapter 211 (p. 12-15) and Episode 127, The Baroque Works agents are arrested after their failed plot to take over Arabasta. 12 Chapter 107 (p. 12) and Episode sixty four, Zoro reveals Baroque Works for the primary time. You’ll be notified if the goal on whom you’ve got placed a bounty is killed. Although you’ll be able to’t place a bounty on an NPC corp, you can place a bounty on somebody in that NPC corp. Bounties could be positioned from anyplace to anybody no matter security status. The rating will give a bonus to the payout when the goal is killed.

Putting on an act of looking pirates himself, Crocodile recruited lots of of bounty hunters to join the group and work to build an ideal nation. The bounty hunters labored to capture pirates and criminals to help Baroque Works’ operations, however Crocodile actually intended for the group to take over the kingdom of Arabasta. Daz Bonez, one of the West Blue’s most notorious bounty hunters, joined Baroque Works and became the high-ranking Mr. 1. Successful bounty hunters will usually inevitably become well-identified, especially by wished criminals, and even regular civilians might turn into afraid of them. Since they operate outdoors the regulation, bounty hunters have been identified to partake in felony activity, although being labeled as criminals typically prevents them from bounty looking again since they can no longer cope with the government.