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This provision exempts from disclosure certain information obtained by the Housing and Community Services Department relating to individuals applying for government-subsidized housing or companies applying for funding to develop reasonably priced, authorities-backed housing and to maintain their ongoing operation of such housing. The purpose of the supply is to guard from public disclosure the detailed personal and business info that candidates and businesses must undergo the state as a condition of participating in the backed housing program.

v. Carson », 199 Or App 106, 111 n 2 (elevating risk that only court docket records listed in ORS 7.010 are public records),rev’d on other grounds,Jury Serv. Although on its face this exemption seemingly applies to any e-mail tackle in a public record, the legislative history strongly means that the intent was to enable public bodies to refuse requests for e-mail lists that might then be used to ship unsolicited group e-mails or spam. A public physique making use of the exemption actually to redact e-mail addresses that merely seem inside e-mail correspondence can be making use of the exemption in a manner not contemplated by the legislature.

This exemption applies to data required to be submitted to or inspected by a “governmental physique” in relation to determining the amount of transient lodging tax due, and requires disclosure of specified information when fee or supply of taxes otherwise due is delinquent by over 60 days. Because related data related to thestatetransient lodging tax is already confidential beneath other legal guidelines,we predict Legal News the intent of this exemption is to apply to transient lodging taxes assessed bylocalgovernments. This exemption makes confidential the data supplied to the State Treasurer or Oregon Investment Council by personal companies or individuals related to proposed or energetic acquisition, exchange, or liquidation of publicly traded investments.The exemption does not apply to data related to concluded transactions.

This check may be used to find out whether or not an entity is functionally part of a public physique.Laine v. City of Rockaway Beach », 134 Or App 655 (city needed to disclose fireplace department’s data whereMarks factors indicated the fire division was a functional company or department of the city authorities). ORS 192.311 (defining “state company” to incorporate any court docket created by the Constitution or statute); ORS 192.311 (defining “public document” to include “courtroom information”). However, one court has questioned to what extent court information are subject to inspection.Jury Serv.

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Our advice to state companies is to claim this exemption solely when it seems that the aim of the request is to amass e-mail addresses. Note that this exemption does not apply to the Judicial Department or to a public worker’s work e-mail tackle. This exemption pertains to the prescription drug monitoring program, a state database that tracks prescriptions and is accessible to health care suppliers for the purpose of evaluating prescription choices. Patient data within the database has been confidential since its inception.This exemption, enacted in 2013,additionally makes details about whether or not and to what extent particular person health care providers use this service exempt from public disclosure. This subsection doesn’t apply to cost-of-service studies used within the development or review of usually relevant price schedules.