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Alfred Verdross regards the public interest as“the establishment of social circumstances beneath which particular person individuals are capable of construct, through business and productive work, a life which is in consonance with the dignity of the human being”(Bodenheimer 1962, p. 213). Institutionally and procedurally, legislative bodies must depend upon particular businesses to find and protect the public curiosity inside their respective jurisdictions. In adverse terms one can list the efforts made to protect the public curiosity from threats to public order, security, and morals and in the economic sphere regulations applying to fraud, monopolies, vote fixing, fair employment practices, and shopper safety. Where clearly distinguishable pursuits compete and insurance policies can be seen as expressions of group wishes, the public interest may be determined with some extent of specificity. Industrialization and improved means of communication and transportation have brought about situations of complexity requiring more competence and expertise to find out the general public curiosity specifically circumstances.

Felix Frankfurter, in his The Public and Its Government, makes use of the concept in referring to the public officers “pitted“towards the utilities consultants, for whom they are no match “besides for infrequent men of nice capability and exceptional devotion to the public curiosity“(1930, p. 115). There are also occasions when officers are accused of exceeding their authority to the detriment of the general public curiosity. The concerns of the philosopher and the wants of the official and the politician will call for continuing reference to the general public curiosity if for no other purpose than as a logo, as a shorthand gadget for guiding consideration to concerns that transcend the quick, the selfish, and the merely expedient. Granted that a wide consensus supports freedom, justice, and compassion, the problem is to objectify these ideals in public insurance policies bearing concretely on such areas as civil rights, race relations, juvenile delinquency, or narcotics habit. The public curiosity can’t be thought of as a compromise struck between the wishes of dope addicts and moralists or between hoodlums and the police. It is an insistent reminder that morality will need to have a central place in any society that respects the freedom of its members.

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The idea of public interest holds the ultimate moral justification for the demands that the state makes on the individual. The excessive value positioned upon freedom and justice requires the readiness of the citizen to make sacrifices if essential and to share responsibility for sustaining the values of the polity. It is often treated as a perfect commonplace to which appeals for validation of political claims and insurance policies are directed. References to the public interest commonly occur in editorials, political speeches, and other utterances of an admonitory or edifying character. The term can also be often encountered in judicial and regulatory pronouncements.

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Moreover, worldwide civil servants have yet to categorise the general public or publics they serve and the pursuits to which their energies are dedicated. Many of those problems can currently be examined in the new “modernizing“international locations where officials are unsure of their status and their standards. Schubert concludes that in spite of these difficulties the task is worth it. In a later paper, however, he means that political scientists may do better to concentrate on concepts other than the public curiosity, concepts that promise extra usefulness as scientific instruments (1962, p. 176).