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The month-to-month reports ready and submitted underORS 293.761 and 293.766 »concerning the Public Employees Retirement Fund and the Industrial Accident Fund may be uniformly handled as exempt from disclosure for a period of as much as ninety days after the end of the calendar quarter. The greenback amount of money revenue obtained from every privately placed News And Media funding fund on a fiscal 12 months-finish basis. The greenback amount of the whole management fees and prices paid on an annual fiscal yr-finish basis to every privately placed investment fund. The funding multiple of every privately positioned funding fund since inception of the fund.

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The informant should not have been required by law to provide the information. Does not relieve a public employer of any obligation underORS 243.650 to 243.782 ». When a state agency, following the necessities of the statute and the Attorney General’s uniform rule, grants a confidentiality request, the Attorney General’s workplace will not substitute its judgment for the company’s when responding to a petition to review the company’s decision.

Legal, Public And Unpublished Materials

Release of the knowledge in these monthly reviews would give other funding managers data relating to investments and liquidations that may prevent the Oregon Investment Council from getting one of the best return for these funds. The exemption lasts solely until ninety days after the end of the calendar quarter, which reflects the State Treasurer’s apply previous to the enactment of this exemption.

The web internal rate of return of each privately positioned investment fund since inception of the fund. The dollar amount, on a fiscal year-finish foundation, of the remaining worth of assets in a privately placed investment fund attributable to an investment by the State Treasurer, the Oregon Investment Council, the Oregon Growth Board or the agents of the treasurer, council or board. The dollar amount, on a fiscal 12 months-finish basis, of cash distributions obtained by the State Treasurer, the Oregon Investment Council, the Oregon Growth Board or the agents of the treasurer, council or board from every privately positioned funding fund. The greenback amount of money contributions made to each privately placed investment fund since inception of the fund.

Employee and retiree tackle, telephone quantity and different nonfinancial membership data and employee financial data maintained by the Public Employees Retirement System pursuant to ORS chapters 238 and 238A. The holder of the privilege has made or licensed a public statement characterizing or partially disclosing the factual data. Information must qualify for the exemption of ORS 192.355 in order for this prohibition to use. Therefore, public bodies should specifically discuss with the individual submitting the knowledge whether it’s being submitted in confidence and, if that’s the case, doc that in the file.

The dollar amount of the commitment made to each privately placed funding fund since inception of the fund. The name, tackle and vintage 12 months of every privately positioned investment fund. Meeting supplies of an investment fund, an asset possession or their respective investment automobiles. Due diligence materials which are proprietary to an funding fund, to an asset ownership or to their respective investment automobiles. An funding in a publicly traded investment is no longer active when acquisition, trade or liquidation of the funding has been concluded. Employee monetary information are information containing financial info that relate to the particular person’s function as an employee, not as a retiree.For instance, we concluded that a retiree’s annual pay on the time of retirement was exempt as a result of it certified as financial data and was transmitted to PERS from the PERS member’s employer.

Sensitive business data or monetary or industrial information of the Oregon Health and Science University that is not customarily offered to enterprise competitors. When a worker or the employee’s consultant requests review of the employee’s claim record.

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When the disclosure is made in such a manner that the disclosed information cannot be used to determine any worker who is the topic of a claim. When necessary for the director, different governmental agencies of this state or the United States to hold out their duties, features or powers. The intent of this exemption is to defend such information from professional “bounty hunters” whereas the division makes an attempt to find the owners. This exemption applies to the month-to-month reviews on investments regarding two specific funds which are submitted by the State Treasurer to the Oregon Investment Council.