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The Commissioner of Correction shall be answerable for the medical and psychiatric care of the defendant, and the Commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services shall remain responsible to supply other applicable providers to restore competency. Custody of defendant prior to hearing. Until the hearing is held, the defendant, if not released on a promise to seem, situations of release, cash bail or bond, shall stay in the custody of the Commissioner of Correction except hospitalized as offered in sections 17a-512 to 17a-517, inclusive. The courtroom shall dismiss, with or without prejudice, any charges for which a nolle prosequi isn’t entered when the time inside which the defendant could also be prosecuted for the crime with which the defendant is charged, as provided in part , has expired. Notwithstanding the document erasure provisions of part a, police and court docket data and data of any state’s attorney pertaining to a cost which is nolled or dismissed with out prejudice while the defendant is not competent shall not be erased until the time for the prosecution of the defendant expires under section . A defendant who just isn’t civilly committed as a result of an software made by the Commissioner of Mental Health and Addiction Services, the Commissioner of Children and Families or the Commissioner of Developmental Services pursuant to this part shall be launched.

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Such abstract shall be public unless the panel determines, by majority vote, that such summary be sealed for functions of ensuring the public safety of any individual, guaranteeing that the investigation wouldn’t be adversely affected or complying with other provisions of the final statutes or rules of courtroom which prohibit disclosure of such info. Any investigation by the investigatory grand jury shall be conducted in personal, supplied the panel, by a majority vote, might order the investigation or any portion thereof to be public when such disclosure or order is deemed by the panel to be within the public curiosity. The execution of a bail bond by a licensed general lines agent of a surety insurer for the car club or affiliation member identified within the assured traffic arrest bond certificate, as provided in s. 627.758, shall be accepted as bail in an quantity not to exceed $5,000 for the looks of the particular person named within the certificate in any courtroom to answer for the violation of a provision of chapter 316 or an analogous traffic regulation or ordinance, except driving beneath the influence of alcoholic beverages, chemical substances, or managed substances, as prohibited by s. 316.193.

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If the court finds that a person is indigent or unable to pay for an intervention program, the court could waive all or any portion of the payment for such intervention program. If the court grants the applying and such person is later determined to be ineligible for participation in such pretrial alcohol schooling program or fails to complete the assigned program, this system fee shall not be refunded. Unconditional launch underneath statute is an affordable legislative determination.

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The provisions of chapter fifty three shall not apply to a declare in opposition to such well being care guardian. Court procedure if finding that defendant will regain competency. Placement of defendant for therapy or pending civil commitment proceedings.