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Under the NC licenses, you may not extract and reuse a considerable portion of the database contents for business purposes. The ND licenses prohibit you from together with a substantial portion of the database contents in one other publicly shared database during which you’ve sui generis database rights of your own. And finally, the SA licenses require you to apply the same or a appropriate license to any database you share publicly and during which you embody a considerable portion of the licensed database contents. Note that this does not require you to ShareAlike any copyright or different rights you could have in the individual contents of the database.

Similarly, even the place database contents are subject to copyright and revealed underneath a CC license, use of the details and ideas embedded throughout the contents is not going to require attribution , unless doing so implicates copyright in the database construction as explained above. This important limitation of all CC licenses is highlighted on the license deeds within the Notice section, where we emphasize that compliance with the license is not Legal News required for components of the fabric in the public area. While this result is similar across all CC version 3.0 licenses, the rationale for this outcome varies. In the 3.0 licenses ported to the laws of EU jurisdictions, the scope of the licenses expressly cover databases topic to copyright and/or sui generis database rights.

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However, the conditions of the license are explicitly waived when use of the licensed work only entails the exercise of database rights. Under model 4.0, if an NC license has been utilized then any use of the licensed database or its contents that’s restricted by copyright legislation or sui generis database rights requires compliance with the NC term, even if the database just isn’t publicly shared. The different license elements have to be complied with only if your use is so restricted and public sharing is concerned. Learn more about tips on how to comply when your use implicates copyright and/or sui generis database rights.